Deconstructing ADS
All media messages – TV shows, newspapers, movies, advertisements, etc. – are made or constructed by people. One of the most important media literacy skills is deconstruction – closely examining and “taking apart” media messages to understand how they work.
Deconstructing a media message can help us understand who created the message, and who is intended to receive it. It can reveal how the media maker put together the message using words, images, sounds, design, and other elements. It can expose the point of view of media makers, their values, and their biases. It can also uncover hidden meanings – intended or unintended.

View the following commercials:
Powerade "Hoops"
Mastercard "Letting Go"
DiGiorno Pizza
Get the paper entitled "Deconstructing Ads."
Choose 2 of your favorite ads (Except Disney) from above and watch them again. Now deconstruct them
by filling out the chart.

Now it is time for you to create your own print ad for a new candy bar that has just been put on the market.
Make sure you think about:
1. Who is your audience?
2. What advertising techniques you will use?
You may make your print ad on Powerpoint, Word or Kidpix. Please print it out and put it in your media folder.