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Pictures for Hammond Woods

Video on Creating a Tour in Google Earth

Steps to creating an Audio Tour:
1. Add a placemark to your first stop, name it and hit OK.
2. Continue to add placemarks to the rest of your stops
3. Right Click My places and choose Add Folder-Name it
4. Drag and Drop all places into your Folder
5. Select Record a Tour Button in the tool bar. The record tour controls appear in the bottom left corner of the button.The red button is the record/stop tour button to capture just the images in Google Earth.The blue microphone is the audio record button.You need to press both to capture the images in the tour and the audio.
6.Click on the places and begin to record your tour. When you are finished, click the red button again to stop recording.
7.To save a tour:
Click the save button on the tour player. Give your tour a name. Your tour is now stored in your My Places Panel.
To save it to a permanent .kmz file, right click the tour in your My Places panel, choose SAVE PLACE AS and save your tour .kmz file
to a location on your computer.

Video on Creating an Audio Tour

View Different Public Service Announcements

Introduction to iMovie-How to Create a Project

How to Split Clips in ImovieHow to Add TitlesHow To Add Transitions

How to Add Music

Creating your own photoshow with imovie 11
1. Watch the tutorial below.

Classes 1-5 Creating Virtual Field Trips using Google Earth

Learning to Use Garageband 9/23


Module 1- Media Awareness

Module 2- istopMotion Animation

Module 3- Digital Book Talk
Module 4- Grade 7 Classroom Helpers Blog

Module 5- Web 2.0 *

Tuxpi-Photo Effects and Picture Frames
Voki – Create a speaking avatar
Newspaper Generator-Create your own newspaper article