What is a Public Service Announcement? (PSA)
A PSA educates and raises awareness about social issues, community services, health or safety concerns, or environmental conditions.

In addition to raising awareness, public service announcements must encourage the viewer to take some form of action of change their behavior.

Radio and TV stations need to devote some of their time to Public Service Announcements

An effective PSA can communicate a message and evoke the desired emotion with a mix of music or sound, narration and images in just 30 seconds.

What techniques are used when creating a PSA to educate, motivate and call the viewer to action?

A public service announcement uses many marketing techniques to educate, motivate, and call the viewer to action. A successful PSA meets the following objectives:
  • Gets the viewer's attention
  • Convinces the viewer that they can make a difference
  • Makes every word and image count
  • Uses emotions to compel the viewer
  • Clearly calls the viewer to action

Now it is time to view Public Service Announcements of the past and present. Please view the following PSAs and record your reaction to the psa's on the worksheet that was provided.

Public Service Announcements of the Past:
Pollution..Indian Crying

Star Wars No Smoking PSA

Brain On Drugs

Crack and PeeWee Herman

Above the Influence
Watch the PSA's on Above the Influence...which one do you think is best?

Michael J. Fox on Parkinsons

World Bank PSA

Women's Voices. Women Vote.

American Red Cross


Toys for Tots

Haiti Appeal